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Real Estate Investment, Development, and Management

What We Do ?

Evertrust Development Group Canada Inc.

Evertrust has built relationships with various developers and architects over the years, allowing our firm to take on design-build projects, working closely with the client and consultant in a streamlined effort to develop and build a specialized design.

Our job as your construction manager is to be detailed oriented. Evertrust's Construction Management services involve the administration of contract agreements and quality assurance reviews across project milestones.

Project management, specific to construction and development, has been forced to expand beyond just typical day-to-day schedule management and milestone tracking.

The Evertrust Design Philosophy

Evertrust Development Group Canada Inc.


Unique Product

Evertrust has a philosophy of choosing only the most unique, desirable sites to build on.


Designed for Living

We build with the end user in mind. Each community is designed for a happy and healthy lifestyle, for young and old!


Community Value

We always seek to bring value to the communities we build in and we have a holistic approach to residential development.

Who We Are?

Evertrust Development Group Canada Inc.

About Evertrust

Evertrust Development Group was founded by Dr. Ted Zhou, a well-known scholar, and successful entrepreneur. It is a comprehensive holding company for investment, focusing on real estate development in Canada and North America. Dr. Zhou believes in investing industry that meets the people’s needs, investing in a differentiated market, which can be regarded as “a valuable investment”…

Our Current Strengths

We like to stay close to our customers, so we understand your issues and your environment. That’s why we have a network of offices covering Canada,USA and China

We can deliver any, or all, of the services customers, need: from the moment you decide you need new facilities through to running and managing your buildings.

A Vision For The Future

Our industry is going through massive change and upheaval: most of it for the better, as construction, becomes more focused on the users of buildings and on long-term sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

We’re embracing the change. It’s at the heart of our vision for Evertrust Group:

To create sustainable environments that enhance people’s lives.


Our Organizational Structure

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer manages the day-to-day operations of the construction company. The CEO sets a strategy and oversees the finance, operations, sales, and human resources departments. They report to the board of directors of the company and serve as an advisor to the board. They will help recruit new members for the board when openings need to be filled. They serve as the mediator between the board and employees. The Chief Executive acts as the spokesperson for the company in the media and the community.

Management Team

Our management team consists of individuals who have the expertise to serve as the head of the various departments within the organization. Most will normally have a mixture of training and experience in the department they are hired to lead and can provide support for the Chief Executive Officer. The departments include finance, human resources, sales, and operations.

Project Managers

Our project managers are responsible for scheduling construction projects and creating the budget for each project. The project managers determine how many employees are needed to complete the job and make certain those employees are sent to the site when needed. Project managers also oversee the safety and health of workers and make sure the work is being done according to construction plans and local building codes. Project managers ensure compliance with contractual obligations of the construction company and often serve as the mediator between clients, architects, suppliers, and the construction company.

Construction Workers

Construction workers on site normally fall into three categories: Skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers. The skilled workers, or tradespeople, are employees who have training in specific areas of construction like plumbing, electrical, concrete, and carpentry work. The semi-skilled workers often referred to as apprentices, work alongside the skilled workers to learn a specific trade and provide a helping hand. The unskilled workers, or laborers, perform a lot of the grunt work on a job site. These workers do tasks such as keeping the site clean and moving equipment and supplies to where the skilled workers have easy access to the materials they need to perform their jobs.