Evertrust Development group Canada Inc.


Evertrust has built relationships with various developers and architects over the years, allowing our firm to take on design-build projects, working closely with the client and consultant in a streamlined effort to develop and build a specialized design.

All while keeping cost, quality, and project timelines at the forefront of the life of the project, while reducing the burden of additional cost to the client.

Evertrust Development group Canada Inc.

Construction Management

Our job as your construction manager is to be detailed oriented. We'll make sure attention & organization are applied to the key areas of your project. Evertrust's Construction Management services involve the administration of contract agreements and quality assurance reviews across project milestones.

Evertrust Development group canada inc.

Project Management

Project management, specific to construction and development, has been forced to expand beyond just typical day-to-day schedule management and milestone tracking. With budgets being squeezed, all members of development teams are expected to deliver more and bring exceptional knowledge and experience to the table.

A single project manager cannot be expected to be a subject matter expert in everything. This team based approach truly sets us apart and ensures you have the right expertise and at the right time.

Evertrust Development group canada inc.

Project Delivery

Evertrust Group has been stakeholders in a variety of Alternative Project Deliveries, such as Upper Vista Welland, Upper Vista Condos Niagara.

We actively promote collaboration to deliver exceptional value, reducing waste and increasing efficiency, focusing on a lean construction process.

Evertrust Group has also been a development partner, and actively seeks other alternative project delivery opportunities.

Evertrust Development group canada inc.

Property Improvement & Maintenance

Property Improvement & Maintenance Services is your one-stop shop for your property needs including repairs, maintenance, handyman services, and emergency services. Focused on one or several items that require a professional approach to resolution, we can assist you as a property owner, renter, or manager. We service private, commercial, and strata needs.​