Evertrust Development Group Canada Inc.


Evertrust Development Group was founded by Dr. Ted Zhou, an accomplished property developer, businessman, and scholar.

Evertrust focuses on real estate development across Canada and North America. Dr. Zhou believes in investing in industries that meet the people’s needs and investing in a differentiated market can be regarded as a valuable investment.

As a “Happy lifestyle provider ” Evertrust Development Group delivers high-quality amenities in real estate development and carries on the mission of delivering “a top-quality product and top-quality service to ensure a happy life.”

In Ontario, Evertrust holds multiple properties totaling over one thousand acres. At any time the company has between three and five new projects upcoming. The first and only luxury high-rise residential condominiums in Niagara Falls, Upper Vista, for example, is one of its successful projects, which started construction in 2017 and residents have already moved in.

Upper Vista, Redefining Niagara Living

Upper Vista is one of the luxury condominium projects to be developed by Evertrust, Development Group Canada inc.

Upper Vista is one of the first luxury condominium being developed by Evertrust, Development Group Canada Inc. With luxury amenities and beautiful recreational spaces in every direction, Upper Vista will give you the lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of.

Who We Are?

Evertrust Development Group Canada Inc.

Our Current Strengths

We like to stay close to our customers, so we understand your issues and your environment. That’s why we have a network of offices covering Canada, USA and China.

We can deliver any, or all, of the services customers, need: from the moment you decide you need new facilities through to running and managing your buildings. 

A Vision For The Future

Our industry is going through massive change and upheaval: most of it for the better, as construction, becomes more focused on the users of buildings and on long-term sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

We’re embracing the change. It’s at the heart of our vision of Evertrust Group:

To create sustainable environments that enhance people’s lives.