Why Flights from Toronto to Niagara Changes Everything

Flight service from Niagara to Toronto, or flights from Toronto to Niagara, depending on your current geography, are becoming a reality. An announcement was made Tuesday, August 9th that commercial flights are going to begin daily back and forth between the two regions.

Commercial flight service to Toronto would bring in millions of dollars to the Niagara economy as well as boost tourism. It would also help business people and investors travel smoothly.

Niagara’s economy is booming with transit projects like the GO Train to Niagara, development projects, planned city amenities, and other opportunities for investment. The plans for the airport are another sign of these exciting times.

Travel From Niagara Falls to Toronto in 12 Minutes

Greater Toronto Airways is the private airline that will be operating the flights. They currently operate commercial flights to Collingwood and Muskoka, as well as various charter and sightseeing flights in North America.

Flights will span the 115 kilometre distance between Niagara District Airport and Billy Bishop Airport on Toronto Island. They will use eight-seater executive planes for the trip.

According to the airline, flights will take about 12 minutes. The cost will start at $85 for a one-way ticket and $159 for a round trip ticket. They will run daily on a set schedule back and forth.

Flights from Niagara Falls to Toronto Will Beat the Traffic

Toronto is notorious for its dreadful traffic, especially during peak times of the day. With all the things there are to do in Toronto, it can be hard to avoid this traffic.

If you run a business and you want to take your clients to a special event, the last thing you want is to be sitting in traffic.

Imagine how easy it would be to travel for business if you could hop on a quick flight to Toronto and get to Pearson Airport in less than half the travel time you’re used to. You would save a few hours off your trip and wouldn’t have to leave as early for the airport. You’d also save a lot of money in travel costs.

The daily flights from Niagara are also intended to be a convenient solution for those who have early morning meetings in Toronto. Taking the time to sit in traffic can be such a waste of precious time as well as money.

New Development for the Niagara District Airport

The Niagara District Airport has, until now, been sitting in Niagara’s backyard waiting to reach its full potential. The three cities of Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, and Niagara-on-the-Lake all share ownership.

It currently serves as a transportation depot for many large corporations in the Niagara region. The St. Catharines Flying Club also calls the airport home.

Officials from all 3 cities have been meeting regularly over the last few years to try to figure out what can be done to increase the profitability of the airport. It’s located in a perfect spot in the middle of the Niagara region, with tons of land for use.

Plans to add new hangers to the airport have previously been in talks with city officials and the airport will be adding them in the near future.

A Greater Plan for Transportation in Niagara

City officials in Niagara are working diligently to create a new “greater transportation strategy” for the area. This flight service from Niagara to Toronto is a significant part of this strategy.

The GO Train commuter railway service announced recently that they will be adding stops in Niagara as early as 2021-2023. The first town to become a stop will be Grimsby, followed by St. Catharines and then Niagara Falls.

Each new GO Train stop will be gaining a new state of the art train station, and Niagara Falls will become a layover destination. Business travelers and commuters alike will be able to travel in comfort and luxury, no matter where they’re going.

Niagara is The New Toronto

The Niagara region is experiencing a prosperous time for industry, economy, and tourism. It’s the ultimate time to invest in property, whether it’s for business, investment, or personal use.

The housing market in Niagara is extremely hot, as the average home is currently selling for above asking price. Local Niagara realtors say that these numbers don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Toronto’s suburbs have been skyrocketing in price and value, causing people to push out and further down to Niagara. This has led to a surge in business developments to accommodate for the increase.

A new Niagara Falls hospital is planned for the region, as well as the GO Train service. St. Catharines received a new super hospital 3 years ago with enough resources to serve the entire region.

Chinese investors have already begun purchasing property and land for business developments in Niagara-on-the-Lake, spreading toward Niagara Falls. Two major residential projects are planned for the Thundering Waters Golf Course, both owned by Chinese businesses.

Upper Vista Living is Easy for Traveling

Upper Vista is Niagara’s first luxury condo building development project. Its premiere location on the 18th hole of the beautiful Thundering Waters Golf Course puts residents at the front and center of Niagara.

Living at Upper Vista means that you will be just a short drive away from the Niagara District Airport. You’ll be able to get out to Toronto with plenty of time to spare for your business meeting or special event.

If you are relocating from Toronto to Niagara, you won’t have to worry about leaving family or friends behind. With the new GO Train and commercial airline projects, visiting will be easier than you ever imagined.

Upper Vista will provide many of the luxurious amenities you can’t live without, including a yoga studio, indoor pool, outdoor garden terrace, and party room. Your spacious penthouse or vacation suite will offer stunning views of Niagara’s natural beauty, from the lake to the forests.

Register now to view a floor plan, pricing list, or to visit the Markham showroom.

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